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Life is Feudal: MMO
  • 24 juillet 2017
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Combat System

Non-Target System

There is no autoaim, aimlock, or target selection. There is no sector based damage calculations. Player has to position himself and aim with his mouse in order to actually hit with his weapon into a certain body part of his enemy. Damage depends very much on the relative speed of the attacker and the damaging weapon part.

Tactical Formations

In order to create authentic massive battle experience a system of formations was developed. Unit leader can issue a special order, that creates a certain formation shape around him (circle, rectangle, triangle). The more unit members are inside the formation - the bigger bonuses they all receive.

Weapon Combos

Mindless button mashing and spamming of attacks will get player quickly out of the breath and vulnerable. Players need to learn a sequences of directional attacks, that will add some bonuses ot these attacks. In certain combat situations some special attacks becomes available to the player for a brief period of time. If player reacts in time, he can perform a special attack with unique animation and additional effect, if hit.


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